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Exclusive Swarovski Crystal Adidas Yeezy's

Any sneaker head knows that normal Adidas Yeezy's are not the easiest pair of shoes to get hold of, let alone a pair that's covered in genuine swarovski crystals.

When it comes to customising, we must say we have done our fair bit. Our latest customising project were a pair of Exclusive Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Adidas Yeezy's. We took a pair of Semi Frozen Yellow Yeezy's and transformed them into a work of art.

The pair of Swarovski Yeezy's which we customised were covered in over 9100 Genuine Swarovski Crystals (3 different colours) and took over 45 hours to make, with each crystal having to be placed one by one by hand.

As you can see below, the end result was truly stunning! And they looked even better in person as the pictures don't do the finished article any justice.

Once completed we had taken these to Dubai aka the Capital of Bling! In the bustling sun these Swarovski Yeezy's were something else. The perfect location for the perfect customised Shoes.

These shoes were supplied to a local consignment store in UAE that specialise in limited edition sneakers and streetwear. If you're ever in Dubai go check out You Better Fly, they have some amazing stuff there. Our Swarovski Yeezy Sneakers really stood out and grabbed alot of attention out there, and as predicted they sold out in a matter of days.

So what next for custom Swarovski Yeezys /sneakers? Well look out for more designs and colours which will be coming soon. If you're interested in getting yourself some truly stunning Swarovski Yeezy's or sneakers/trainers, please get in touch with us.

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