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Our Story

Truly Exquisite was born in early 2014 as a Luxury Car Customising company based in Central London. Cars have always been a passion for the Founder of the company and although working on luxury cars as well as cars of celebrities, it was decided that it wasn't something he wanted to persue for the long term because working on a global scale was more what he had in mind as well as maximising his creativity.

Today we are a leading luxury customising brand known for bringing you creative designs with high quality craftsmanship. Our aim is to develop a distinctive identity, by providing Bespoke and stylish handmade luxury bespoke products. Truly Exquisite is the brand for people who crave both luxury and uniqueness. We let our products do the talking for us, with a service second to none.

Providing the most luxurious bespoke products in the market is only one of our aims, there is more to this company than just creating and selling these products. We believe that giving back and providing for others is just as important. Truly Exquisite is committed to helping causes on a worldwide scale, and in order to achieve this we are donating 5% revenue on the majority of our products to various charities around the globe, something not many companies would even think about doing. Some of the charities we will be donating to are UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and Wateraid, to just name a few.

“We make a living by what we get, But we make a life by what we give.” - Winston Churchill




The Man Behind The Brand!


​Kunal Patel is the CEO and founder of Truly Exquisite, as well as the head designer of our products. He was born and brought up in London, UK.

He has always been a creative individual and he knew that doing something that allows him to use his creativity is what he wanted to do from a very young age and that shows in some of our unique limited edition products.


Having studied Graphic Design as well as Digital Media Production at University, designing has always been something he's been fond of. Kunal attended the London College of Communication which is part of the world renowned and Europe's largest Art and Design University, The University of the Arts London. The institute has many notable Alumni including Alexander McQueen (fashion),

Tim Roth (actor), Anish Kapoor (sculptor), Stella McCartney (fashion), Pierce Brosnan (actor) and Jimmy Choo (fashion) to just name a few.

Apart from that, he's just a regular 30 something year old who enjoys doing regular things. Travel, Cars, Art, Food, Football (or soccer depending where you're from) being some of his main interests.

Being an artist, his favourite products in the Truly Exquisite range has to be the Swarovski items and artwork he produces. This is a very specialist area and he takes great pride in creating these stunning and unique pieces eventhough they are the hardest and most time consuming products we produce.


"People often ask me how do i have the patience to create such works that take hours and hours, it's simple...when you do something you love you have all the patience in the world. With every Swarovski crystal that i put on i know i'm one step closer to the end goal and seeing the finished product which i am dying to always see knowing that i created that" - Kunal Patel. 

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