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1/14th Remote Control

Swarovski crystal lamborghini remote control car

Our 1/14th Remote Control range is the most luxurious remote control car range available in the market. All of the cars we have below can be customised to your taste, whether you'd like the car to be 24 carat Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum or even completely covered in genuine Swarovski Crystals.


We customise remote control car models from one of the best and reputable manufacturers of remote control car models worldwide, Maisto. These cars are fully functional, meaning you can drive it in any direction. The cars are highly detailed and fairly lightweight, they also come with working headlights and tailights.


All of our remote control car models are limited edition pieces and come with a simple to use pistol grip controller. Below are just a few of the cars we have available, please contact us if there is a particular model you are after.

Ferrari f12


Lamborghini huracan




Lamborghini Aventador J


Ferrari la ferrari




Please use the form below to let use know which model(s) you are interested in and which finish you would like on the model and we will get in touch with you with the availability as well as a price. Thanks

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