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World's First Crystal Embellished E-Scooter - Truly Exquisite x Cruzaa

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

When it comes to world's firsts, Truly Exquisite doesn't shy away from this category. Recently we have brought to you the world's first 24K Gold / Platinum / 18K Gold Playstation 5, followed by the world's first 24K Gold X Box Series X & S.

We now have another world exclusive, the world's first crystal E- Scooter. We used over 35000 Swarovski Elements crystals which took nearly 100 hours to complete as each crystal has to be applied one by one by hand.

We customised the Cruzaa E scooter, which is a K Frame E Scooter. The world's first Crystal Electric Scooter can be found in Selfrides, London.

Prices for the Swarovski crystal embellished E Scooter will be starting from £15,000 upwards and will be limited in numbers with no more than 100 being produced. These can also be custom made with different crystal colours/logos.

There is a 4-8 week lead time currently for one of these beauties to be produced.

If you're interested in ordering one of these please get in touch with us.

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