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Truly Exquisite's Luxury Customised iPhone XS & XS Max Range is here!

The iPhone XS & XS Max were announced last month at the Apple Event and that they would be the latest smartphones to be released. Fast Forward nearly a month later and we here at Truly Exquisite have released our luxury customised iPhone XS & XS Max handsets, available in 24K Gold, Silver & 18K Rose Gold.

This year we have focused our designs to be unique and exclusive and only available from us. Also we have made a slight change and all phones will come with a plated emblem of our logo instead of the Apple logo as we previously had.

We have released 10 different luxury iPhones in our range with more to be added soon. These new designs will be in our luxury limited edition range with each design being limited to only a maximum of 99 designs per phone, some being as low as only 10 pieces available worldwide. This phones will be more focussed on being a piece of art and not only a luxury customised phone. Definitely one for those who want to be exclusive.

24k Gold iphone XS Ostrich Edition

18K Rose Gold iPhone XS

24K Gold iPhone XS Marble Edition

As for our iPhone XS & XS Range, you can order yours today on our iPhone XS & XS Max Page.

You can order any phone in either 64GB, 256GB or the highest memory available which is the 512GB.

Like always, our phones come with a Authenticity Card, Luxury Wooden Display Box, Standard accessories as well as free international shipping.

Also if there's a special design you need for example your name or company logo then we can do and make a specially bespoke phone just for you. Contact us today if there are any special designs you would like.

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