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World's First 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S9

When it comes to customising luxury mobile phones, Truly Exquisite are always up there with the very best.

Not many attempt to customise Samsung phones anymore but we here at Truly Exquisite never shy away from bringing you the luxury customised Android Handset.

We were first to bring you the 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge handset followed last year by the S8 versions. Now we are proud to say we are the first company in the world to bring you a fully 24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone.

24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S9

There were a few issues to overcome in producing this luxury customised 24K Gold Samsung S9, but we got there in the end to produce this stunning looking phone...perhaps the best looking Samsung S9 out there?

As well as the standard luxury plated range we also have our limited edition range which have some of the best designs on a phone you will ever find, a particular favourite of ours is the Dragon Edition Samsung, these limited edition phones are limited to only 99 pieces and already we have had orders placed for these.

Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

To order any of our beautiful Luxury Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Handsets you can click on the following link where you can place your order for your desired phone.

You can also send us an email should you have any questions regarding these phones.

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