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24K Gold Exclusive UAE Calligraffiti iPhone 7

On a recent trip to the United Arab Emirates, we couldn't resist taking our uniquely designed UAE Calligraffiti iPhone 7 Handset with us. This got a lot of attention whilst we were out there. We were lucky enough to visit arguably Abu Dhabi's main attraction, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, where we had to take a few snaps with the stunning grand mosque in the background.

The beauty of this phone was nothing compared to the beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (especially at night). Our luxury Calligraffiti handsets are limited to 25 pieces only, whereas the mosque is a 1 of 1, absolute beauty of a building.

If you're interested in getting yourself an exclusive limited edition calligraffiti handset you can do so on our Limited Edition iPhone 7 & 7 Plus page, remember there are only 25 made so once they are gone, they are gone.

You can also buy these in the other 5 GCC member states. The detail of these "art pieces" are amazing and were designed in house together with an Art Student from the Middle East.

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