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Swarovski Beats By Dre Headphones Donated to Charity

When it comes to charity, that is a subject that is very close to heart. Helping those less fortunate is something of importance to both me and this company.I am proud to say that 5% of our online sales is donated to various charities around the globe, something not many other companies would even consider.

Last week, was Dr Nilesh Parmar's Annual Ice White Christmas party. It was a great event, for an even greater cause. The event if i'm correct raised over £14,000 with profits going to Evelina Children's Hospital, truly amazing.

There was a ticket based raffle at the event and one of the prizes was the Swarovski Beats By Dre Headphones which we donated. I beleive this prize went to the Best Dressed Female at the party.

Having spoken to a few of the guests, our headphones definitely seemed one of the most popular gifts that people wanted to win. The Swarovski Beats by Dre Solo Headphones took around 6 Hours to customise using around 1200 individual Swarovski Crystals, each individually hand placed and glued onto the actual headphones. They were also presented in a luxury wooden display box. If you'd like your own pair of customised headphones you can buy them here. We can customise them to pretty much whatever colour you desire as well as having special designs. Prices start from £400 upwards depending on what you want.

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